berliner listeAidas Rytis VASILIAUSKAS (born in 1967) is an artist. He graduated from Kaunas Art Institute of Vilnius Art Academy in 1997. He works in the areas of painting, ceramics, sculpture and design, organizes personal exhibitions and participates in group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

The works of A. R. Vasiliauskas are defined by several main features. On the philosophical level of ideas the artist tends to search rationally for the essential ground of subsistence. These searches were manifested in the beginning of the creative path, while the contemplation of main categories of subsistence – beauty and harmony – appeared in the later interpretations, where the rationality is matched to the sensual and emotional spring. Since 2007 the concept of beauty, which main source is nature, has become predominant in the works of A. R. Vasiliauskas. The artist expresses conceptually his individual attitude towards the forms and manifestations of nature, first of all, flora, in his works. The spring of renewal is stressed in the abstract compositions and the dynamic permanent process is formed, while conveying forcibly the emotional impression caused by earth and water plants. The works of A. R. Vasiliauskas may be contemplated in double way: simply to admire the esthetical play, to get involved into the rhythm of continuous, harmonious and musical movement of nature; and secondly, these works have deeper implication – natural ecology, its beauty expresses the state of human plenitude, as well.

The compositions of the pictures of A. R. Vasiliauskas are formed not only by thick brushstrokes, but also using the principle of mosaic – when small parts of wooden plate are covered by some color. In such a way subtle effects are generated. They create the impression of movement and musicality. The artist’s works prove that the topic of nature in the art has not been exhausted and that it may be conveyed conceptually.